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U Dazzle Fashion Ruler is the only collapsible Tailor ruler in the World!

Timesaving Innovation

It comprises four individual body sections and three hinges allowing it to collapse into a diminutive state. Ruler specialty!

Multifunctional Design

This is a group of blocks in columns. Column layouts can be adapted to fit different needs. Unique and convenient!

Easy to Carry Case

Eva Molding Case is specially designed to fit the ruler comfortably with enough space for stationeries. Perfect traveler size!

The multipurpose sewing ruler combines the L-square, Hip Curve, French Curve and calculator all in one.

Unique 4 in 1 collapsible designer ruler

The Designer Ruler is a unique, efficient, convenient and portable product. Perfect for anyone in the garment construction industry. It features different rules with a collapsible structure for functionality and portability.

In garment construction, the main riles are L-square, Hip Curve and French Curve. These rules, tough effective, are large and bulky, making them inconvenient for travel and storage.

The multipurpose sewing ruler combines the L-square, Hip Curve, French Curve and calculator all in one, which provides the same function. If handled with care, this ruler will be a great investment for anyone.

U Dazzle Fashion ruler is a time saving all-in-one innovative product

U Dazzle Fashion Ruler Video

Place the ruler on any paper or fabric using pencil, pen or chalk to create the desired lines to draft the perfect pattern. When drafting, open the desired part of the ruler. Fold and place the ruler in the customize case when finished.

A unique, collapsible Tailor ruler by B. Struve Garngaarden A/S

“This is one of a kind. It’s unique, efficient, convenient and portable.”

The hinges are double-jointed and folds 360-degrees, which allows the ruler to become collapsible to four times less of its size.

Click here to know more about how to use the U Dazzle Fashion Ruler.

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B. Struve Garngaarden A/S (BSG) is an innovative company with more than 70 years of experience. BSG is located in Denmark, although it is a global company with customers from all around the World.

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