U Dazzle Fashion Ruler

More about the Fashion Ruler

It is a unique, efficient, convenient and portable product. Perfect for students and anyone in the garment construction industry. It features different rules with a collapsible structure for functionality and portability.

In garment construction, the main riles are L-square, Hip Curve and French Curve. These rules, tough effective, are large and bulky, making them inconvenient for travel and storage.

The multipurpose sewing ruler combines the L-square, Hip Curve, French Curve and calculator all in one, which provides the same function. If handled with care, this ruler will be a great investment for anyone. Especially, the fashion industry.

U Dazzle Fashion Ruler Video

Ruler Material

Polyamide 11 (green nylon) made by the oil from castor beans.


  • Ruler length is 104 cm (41 inches), wight 527 grams
  • Case size 400 x 210 x 45 mm, weight 502 grams
  • Box size 443 x 244 x 62 mm, weight 236 grams

TOTAL weight = 1265 grams

U Dazzle Fashion Ltd.

U Dazzle Fashion Ruler, designed and invented by Rhona Eastman Jack of U Dazzle Fashion Ltd. From Tobago ind, the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

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How to use the Fashion Ruler

Explanatory Video

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