How to use U Dazzle Fashion Ruler

Place the ruler on any paper or fabric using pencil, pen or chalk to create the desired lines to draft the perfect pattern. When drafting, open the desired part of the ruler. Fold and place the ruler in the customize case when finished.

Explanatory Video

Ruler Combination

It comprises four individual body sections and three hinges, allowing it to collapse into a diminutive state.

The first and second body section combines and function as the L-square. The first body section has three different size circular holes.

The third body section functions as the Hip Curve, including an inner Hip Curve. One straight side and the opposite side a slight bowing.

The fourth body section functions as a French Curve. One straight side and the opposite side, a curve ending with a bulbous end. Inside there are two rectangular slots: one for drafting and the other for housing the calculator.

U Dazzle Fashion Ruler Video

More about U Dazzle Fashion Ruler


The hinges are double-jointed and folds 360-degrees, which allows the ruler to become collapsible to four times less of its size.


The calculator is solar-powered.


The ruler is numbered with metric or imperial terms, or any combination of them both.

Eva Molding Case

The ruler is paired with a customized Eva Molding Case. It is specially designed to fit the ruler comfortably and has accommodations for small stationaries, a measuring tape and a notebook.


  • Followed the instructions carefully!
  • Pay special attention when folding the ruler!
  • Cleaning: Only clear water and soft cloth!
  • Avoid the ruler from falling!
  • Store in case when not in use!
  • Handle with care!
  • Keep away from small children!
  • Do not remove the calculator by force!

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